COM0014- Blog #3: Knitters Unite or Unwind (Whichever Suits)

Upon initially looking at my target audience, Instagram had seemed like it was a good place to start. After all, this is where I’ve found inspiration and a few other knitters but with some more in depth digging and careful unravelling I found that Instagram wasn’t even listed as a popular place to find other knitters. According to the Craft and Yarn Council website, many prefer other social media sites like Facebook and Ravelry to look up inspiration for projects, find patterns and purchase yarn over it. This is not to say that there’s not a social media community on Instagram but perhaps that most knitters are drawn to other social media sharing sites like Facebook in connecting with others and Ravelry for inspiration.


A original knitted project of mine: set to be a cellphone purse

The reason for this interesting rav-elation is because there’s a good percentage of young people ,between the ages of 18-34, that enjoy knitting as a creative outlet and not only that but do it because they enjoy making things for others; along with the sense of accomplishment it provides. Having experienced the pride of carefully picking the right yarn and needles for each hand knit project myself, it makes sense that my fellow knitters (target audience) would be more inclined to share their successful projects online with family and friends or perhaps even seek advice on how to improve the less successful ones.

So in the era of sharing updates, accomplishments and one of creative endeavours galore perhaps it is time to get even more creative and social with how I post by reaching out onto Facebook and becoming familiar with Ravelry in order to find my knitting peeps.

Happy Knitting,


Source: The Craft and Yarn Council website

2 thoughts on “COM0014- Blog #3: Knitters Unite or Unwind (Whichever Suits)

  1. I use to belong to a knitters club, once a month we would take turns hosting and we brought invited guest. We would exchange patterns and would bring our left over yarn to make squares for blankets we would donate to the hospitals.
    It’s wonderful now being able to find patterns online as well as homemade projects people have come up with.

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