COM0014: Bolg 2 – Communication Styles

There are so many communication styles to choose from, but there is only one that is true to yourself. At least, that’s what I believe. I always try to have fun while I write, and it is very important for me to use my own voice in my blogs. I try to be helpful, honest, humorous and bold, so that the reader is interested. That’s why I really identified with the paragraph in lesson 1 about developing and nurturing your own voice. I especially liked how it challenged us to come up with our own rules. This got me thinking about the different communication roles I use on a daily basis.

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The many styles of communication can be divided up in a number of different ways. Often in a professional environment I find myself using one of the following 4 styles: Analyser, Director, Socializer, and Relater. An Analyser uses logic, and planning to give instructions; they focus on the facts and get to the point when communicating. A Director will control objectives, results, productivity and decisions; they speak about projects on a high level and focus on the big picture. Socializers use motivation, teamwork and active listening; they are informal and joking. Finally, a Relater uses creativity, optimism and adapts to communicate in a way that seeks to understand and relate to peers. All of these roles help me communicate with my team in construction. This makes me stand out from the other supervisors because I take time to organize my thoughts and listen to what my team have to say.

It’s fun to take time and notice what kind of style of communication we use. When I talk to my best friend my tone is so much more different than when I meet an acquaintance (at least until the tequila kicks in).

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