Christmas, is hands-down my favourite holiday! I love the decorations, the
baking, Christmas dinner, the music, the movies, the general merry-making,
the charity aspect and of course the gifts!

Over the next few weeks, the theme I’ll be focusing on is – you guessed it
– Christmas!  I am hoping to share with you different tips for the holidays including recipes and shopping tips

Lately in the news, there’s been some backlash about Christmas décor
appearing in stores in early September – too early for some – including
myself! Here’s why:

I pretty much love any holiday, give me any reason to celebrate and I’m a
shoe-in. However, I like enjoying one holiday at a time, I like keeping
them separate, some holidays just don’t mix – can you imagine listening to
Thriller one minute and Feliz Navidad the next, seems a little odd, doesn’t
it? Especially with the unusually hot weather, it’s a little hard to think
about Christmas while enjoying a mojito on a patio.

Also, putting out Christmas decorations so soon could lead to a false sense
of urgency and could possibly make one over spend without even being
conscious of it, creating even more stress!

On the flip side, some people are enjoying it as it gives them ideas for
very early planning. Some retailers and grocery stores also like that their
customers can see the different options available to them and perhaps
sample some of these items (like different flavours of eggnog) to figure
out their final game plan. Of course, with lists of the top toys starting
to make their way through the internet, some are keen to snag the latest
toy of the year before there aren’t any left.

Personally, I don’t like to put up Christmas decorations until after
Remembrance day, but by mid- November, I am pretty much in pre-Christmas
mode and go into full gear on Black Friday for good shopping deals.

What about you? Do you like seeing Christmas décor in September?

Christmas tree

Here’s a picture of my Christmas tree from last year!

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