A Smarter Way to Bike


I’m bad with navigation and often use the Google maps app to help me get around the city of Toronto, but it’s difficult to bike and see turn by turn instructions on my iPhone while riding my bike. I tried using a phone mount called Finn by a company called Bike Citizens but still found it difficult to see or hear where I needed to go. I was also worried about my phone getting damaged by the rain. I tried plugging headphones while having my phone in my pocket, but it wasn’t safe, and sometimes they would fall out of my ears. My boyfriend introduced me to a Montreal based company called Smarthalo. They were funding a project on Kickstarter to turn your bike into a Smart Bike.


Imagine having a device that stays locked into place on your bike, with a navigational feature where you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket. With SmartHalo, you can do just that! They have 5 major features which include:

Navigation, which allows you to input an address into your phone, and gives you GPS turn by turn instructions. It also has a feature that allows you to see where you’ve parked your bike if you’ve forgotten where you’ve left it.

Light, which automatically turns on if it’s dark or if you’re riding and the sun is going down.

Alarm, Which helps scare away bike thieves.

Fitness tracker that shows you calories and speed.

Assistant, which is a feature that shows you an alert to stop your bike so you don’t miss important phone calls.

To set up your smart bike you simply have to download the free app through the Apple or Google Play app store! After you download it, you open the app, and pair your device with your phone using Bluetooth.

Gifts and Delays

My boyfriend ended up ordering me a SmartHalo last year hoping that it would arrive in time for my birthday in July of 2016. Since this was a Kickstarter project, there were certain issues causing delays. With the help of Social Media, SmartHalo’s Blog helped keep my boyfriend informed with updated information on the production delays. I was particularly impressed by SmartHalo’s consistency of communicating with their customers through Facebook. Customers would leave a comment on the recently updated post of when they ordered their product. SmartHalo would look up the customer’s details, and reply to their comment to let them know when their order was being shipped. Therefore, it’s how my boyfriend was able to know when my SmartHalo would be delivered.

Safe Riding

Photo Credit: Marites Medina

Bike Smarter

I’ve only had my SmartHalo for a month but I am loving it so far! If I need to figure out how to get to a new destination by bike, I no longer have to use headphones that are plugged into my phone. I simply open my SmartHalo app, type in the address in the navigation tab, and let my device do the rest of the work so I can bike smarter and be safer on the road.

Do you think SmartHalo is the way forward for cycling?

twitter A Smarter way to Bike: http://bit.ly/2fiC20W

facebook A Smarter way to Bike: http://bit.ly/2fiC20W

References: https://www.smarthalo.bike/


2 thoughts on “A Smarter Way to Bike

  1. This is such an incredible product! Thanks so much for sharing – I’ve been looking for a product just like this because I love biking in the city but find it challenging to successfully navigate unknown territory. I love your incorporation of a video and personal photo of you using the product.

    • Thank you so much for your comment and feedback on my blog post. I believe it will be faster for you to get a SmartHalo now that they’re mostly done sending out the backorders through the Kickstarter web page. I hope you do get one!

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