COM0014 – Blog No. 1 – Summer Escapade of a Homebody.

Blog Post# 1


Summer a season of warm sun, laughing children, fewer clothes, and long days with short nights.

This summer vacation I was in school, well part-time anyway. However, once the last classes were dealt with and exams were done, I had three whole weeks of nothing except, my siblings had other plans. While I was consumed with studying, they were all planning away all of my alone time. You might say “why do a young person like you need alone time, go have fun outside?” but let me just tell you, I’m the biggest homebody in my family, everyone from my parents to my youngest siblings are excited to be out. Well, I was roped into their “master plan” as one of them said. (PS: I’m one of the two siblings’ that have a driving license).


The first week was mostly local; we primarily did things that the little kids would enjoy. We want to the movies four to five times, watched all the kid movies that were playing like the Legos movie, Despicable Me 3, Emoji movie, the Power Rangers and obviously Spider-Man. In downtown Ottawa, we went to the kontinuum night walk, it was long but the images and the music were well worth it.

The second week was all about moving around Ottawa, so we packed our picnic baskets with loads of food and we went to the Ottawa’s botanical garden, it was a beautiful but hot day. The plant-based sculptures were really amazing; such hard work was done for their upkeep.

The same week we had family over and had old style desi barbeque. It was interesting to see all the little toddlers running around the yard, it was also very exhausting to catch them all for dinner.

We, and when I say “we” I mean my sibling’s because now I had become the designated driver for the whole end of summer trips, they wanted to visit the Children Museum, mind you I have been there six times before but not in the same summer but throughout growing up. And so we hit the road again. My favorite part was the totem poles.


The last week was spent in Montréal. We celebrated Eid with Family. Then we went to the Parc Safari Zoo, oh! was it an experience. The animals were great to feed and interact with. I had camel slobber and teeth marks all over my hand from feeding them.


One of the young ostriches bit my dad’s thumb; he probably thought it was a nugget!!! Oh man, I couldn’t stop laughing but only after he said he was fine and it didn’t hurt. Oh! one of the camels was just lying on the driving path and everyone was going around him!!!


Anyway, due to my siblings wanting me to drive everywhere, I had an amazing summer, best vacation for this homebody! So what did you do this summer?



2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog No. 1 – Summer Escapade of a Homebody.

  1. We went to Parc Safari last summer, so much fun getting close and personal with the animals. Sometimes a little too close for my liking. If you go be warned that the town nearby always runs out of carrots and Parc Safari runs low in the afternoon.

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