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Summer Drifting

This summer I decided to go back to school to learn a new and interesting program, social media. It was difficult for me to be working construction and studying at night, instead of preparing and organizing work for my work-team for the next day. The great thing about social media is the possibility of writing about what you like and discovering your personal brand. This gave me the chance to explore what I am most passionate about: the automotive world. I love everything and anything about cars, from the first to the last.


Signing up for social media class gave me an excuse to focus on the automotive world and immerse myself with daily updates. It also gave me an excuse to go to some racing events around the province, considering it was kind of my homework to write blogs. One of the big events I was able to go to this summer was Formula Drift. This competition was its first big event in Canada featuring the best drivers in the world from the U.S.A., Japan and Canada. A drifting competition is all about precision driving and drivers are given points accordingly. Two drivers go head-to-head and they do maneuvers where the car is totally sideways and looks out of control, but the drivers are actually in full control. The closer to the wall or the edge of the track, the more points you will get. The second car’s role is a chaser; his role is to mimic the lead car. His goal is to get the closest to the lead car (sometimes there is only a 2 inch difference) and apply pressure. There are two runs, so each car will get a chance to lead and chase, and the points from the two runs are summed.

Check out this video from the event:



I recommend this event to anyone looking for a new experience. It’s a unique part of the racing world and showcases diverse skill sets. There should be more events like this in Canada, because it was a truly amazing experience. See you at the next!


And bring sunscreen. Lot’s of it.­

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