My love for Travel & Photography

For as long as I can remember, being in airports has always excited me…Getting on a plane and travelling to a new city or country feels like the best thing ever…Each time I travel, I dream of sitting next to a person that will change my life…Before I got married, I always thought I might meet my life partner on a plane… That never happened!!!….

I love checking in to a hotel and changing into something more comfortable before getting out to explore my surrounding….I go into cafes, malls, little boutique shops…picking up little fridge magnets and other souvenirs that I can place in my home to remind me of the places I have been. I have travelled to many countries including USA, UK, France, Germany, UAE, Ghana, Nigeria, Switzerland, Austria, South Korea, China and many others.

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My camera always accompanies me…I have a passion for photography and capturing beautiful moments…When I was a little girl, I spent a fortune on buying films and printing pictures…Thank heavens for digital cameras and the ability to edit and delete pictures!!!

I could take pictures all day without getting tired…!!!..If there was a job I would do for free, it will be travelling to various destinations and exploring the  restaurants, shopping malls, museums, and other tourist centres and capturing beautiful places on my camera to share with the world on my blog….and yet, I do not do that for a living…!!!

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Currently, I work in Education Consulting, I advise students in Nigeria seeking to study abroad in countries like Canada, USA, UK, Hungary, Czech Republic and many others. Social media is critical in connecting with the many young students. Social media to me is a medium to express yourself online using words and images to capture people’s attention. I am active on Instagram/Facebook but I figured taking this course will help me to improve my understanding of social networking and the many benefits of it for an online business.

blog about photography

FStoppers; is a blog that focuses on photography and I learn a lot of tips about photography and cameras from the blog.


10 thoughts on “My love for Travel & Photography

  1. The photos you shared are great. The position you hold of “Education Consultant” sounds very interesting AND rewarding. I agree with you, that social media is paramount in connecting with these young students, and a GREAT way to introduce them and everyone to the world we live in.

    • Thank you Anne for your comment. I do connect with some of the students later in the careers and see how well they have done. Some have returned to Nigeria to set up successful businesses….It is amazing to learn new things about social media…I keep trying to get a better understanding of Snapchat….

  2. Wow quite the traveler, that’s awesome! Any places still left on your list to visit next? You captured some great shots on your travels so far.

    • Thank you Eldonhunter for your comment. I have some places on my mind this year including, Seychelles, Morocco, Mauritius, South Africa……I will be happy if I could visit any of these places….
      What about you?

  3. Your pictures are amazing! I love your sense of adventure. I hope to travel some day too. I’ve never left North America, but my children are looking at moving to Europe, so that will be a catalyst to get there and see some of the things on my bucket list.

    • Thank you Ejqo for your comment. Your kids moving is definitely a big push to get you to visit Europe…The beautiful thing is that when you are in Europe, it is so cheap to travel around ..either by train or by air.!!! Hope you get to get to visit Europe soon…

    • Thank you for your comment. That is wonderful that you have a passion for photography…It is always nice when you capture beautiful moments and look back at them!!! I love sunsets too…It is always nice to capture so many and compare all the different sunsets from various locations..

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