Blog #7 – The Importance of Storytelling in Digital Communications

We all like a good story, something that grabs our attention and takes us out of reality for a moment. To tell a good story, you need to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It is important to introduce characters and have a purpose, there needs to be a point to the story you are telling. And grammar, oh grammar! Know the difference between their and there, to and too, threw and through, etc. It you are lacking in the grammar, spelling and punctuation with your blog posts, people will lose interest and you could lose credibility – and really it is just unprofessional.

Social media has given us the power to express ourselves and share our story with others all over the world. It allows us to create a personal brand and showcase that brand to the world. It allows us to engage with our followers and be creative with our messaging. Just make sure that you are being clear with your messaging, if people are left scratching their head trying to figure out what exactly you are trying to say, it is not a good thing!

Make sure to stay on track when telling your story. Try to avoid jumping from one topic to another as it can be distracting for your followers, leaving them uncertain about what exactly it is you are trying to do. You want to keep things short, leaving out any unnecessary information. If you are talking about an amazing restaurant you recently went to, telling the readers about how you took your dog for a walk the night before isn’t relevant.

I found this to be a great course, not only for content but also for practice. Having to write all of these blog posts with no real direction of what they should be about but yet at the same time having some sort of flow to them, was really great! It tested my creativity to think outside the box, to try and pick topics that were social media related but not necessarily mainstream.

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