COMM0014, Blog #7 The Importance of Storytelling in Digital Communications

I learned many things about myself and about digital communication this summer. This course has given me the opportunity to create my own personal brand, reflect on my life accomplishments, set goals for the future and share what I have learned with others. I have enjoyed these past eight weeks sharing stories, writing blogs, reading course material and completing assignments.

Why is storytelling important?

Storytelling is an essential part in creating great digital content. I believe that social media allows people and businesses to communicate their experiences, products and services by engaging others to learn more about through creative messaging. If the message isn’t clear or attractive then people will not be interested. Effective video blogs, photos and creative content that tell stories encourage positive integration with the target audience.


Photo source: The Art of Storytelling: Your Life as a Tapestries of Stories, Hugh Anthony, Pulse, LinkedIn

Many successful companies create brands and social media campaigns that stand out and have value. Without the proper story, these brands can be lost in social media chaos. A compelling story attracts and engages the audience to listen, follow and want more information leading to increased interest in a conversation, product or service.

How will my content be guided by stories?

I originally registered for this course to improve my communication and writing skills. I wanted to learn more about digital communication for both work and personal reasons. This past year I have taken on a new role at work. I am now responsible for promoting our municipal Recreation and Culture programs and events through social media. I have learned a great deal and find that the social media posts and tweets that I share have created a lot of interest in what we offer. We have monitored the success of our social media campaigns and I believe that engagement has improved. We have tracked and analyzed our results and found that registration and attendance has increased as a result of our social media communication.


Photo source:

I now understand that my message needs to attract attention and also engage the audience. Throughout this process I have learned about the importance of understanding the target audiences and engaging with this audience online. It has been helpful to learn about a variety of communication styles and social media tools that are available to share information with different age groups and audiences. My stories will continue to be creative and informative to engage audiences and create awareness of the programs and events that we offer.

The stories I want to tell

In the future I want to continue to develop my personal brand and share inspiring and creative stories with my friends, family and colleagues. I want others to know the qualities that set me apart from others and I want to be proud to share my accomplishments.


Overall, I believe that I will continue to share my stories at work and also through my personal brand. I look forward to discovering more about myself and learning about others through social media. I believe that storytelling through social media will continue to flourish. It will be exciting to see what the future brings.

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