COM0014 – Blog #7: Storytelling is good for the soul…and blog

Everyone loves a good story. Who doesn’t have childhood memories of bedtime tales that start with “once upon a time…” and end with “happily ever after”? We tell stories to StockSnap_KI0YU7B6O7amuse, to delight, to frighten, and to explain. And when combined all together, a well-told story can be an effective tool.

The simplest reason why storytelling is important is that it makes people want to listen. If your story is interesting enough, your audience will stay and read. And when they’re finished they may even comment on your story – or share it with their friends and followers. A good story is the hook to get people interested and excited in your content.

No matter how niche your blog may be, you will always be competing for your audience with someone else doing the same thing. Your storytelling ability is what can set you apart. If your reader is interested not only in the content but how you’re telling it, they’re more likely to stick around. And come back tomorrow.

StockSnap_5O5E77VOMXI want to engage my audience with tales from my travels. Which is convenient, because really, in the end, your stories are the best souvenirs you can bring home. And possibly, by sharing these stories with the world, I can inspire others to set out on their own adventures.

I don’t have ridiculously inspiring or far-reaching stories to tell. Mine are simple, funny anecdotes. Stupid and silly things that have happened to me. From a late night in a pub in Northern Ireland to a rainy rollercoaster ride in Copenhagen, they’re simple and (hopefully) amusing stories. But they’re mine. And maybe, just maybe, someone reading will decide it’s time they made some of their own.

The End.

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