COM0014 – blog 5 – Personal brand – A bit of me

It’s always easier analysing other people than analysing yourself. But what I am most definitely proud of myself is my positivity. Many people say I am always smiling and that I am very open minded and easygoing.

I know a few people might think it’s fake, but it’s not. I have problems in my life like everyone else, however, what makes me different from many other people, or my competitors, is that I always choose to look on the bright side of things; even the darkest things. It’s a matter of choice. Everyone will get something bad at least once in their lives, and it’s your choice to learn from it and be resilient, or to rant about it and take revenge. And my choice is to keep always smiling, because in the end, if you like to lift the spirits of everyone you see, just smile.


Another important part of my personality is my willingness to share what I know with other people. Maybe that’s why I worked as a teacher for so many years, and when I am not teaching, I feel I am not finding meaning in life. My students used to say they loved my classes because they could feel how passionate I was while I was teaching, and how they would feel more engaged and motivated to learn. They also told me many times they loved the way I explained things in many details, very eager to transmit my skills and knowledge to them and, above all, with a lot of patience.

One thought on “COM0014 – blog 5 – Personal brand – A bit of me

  1. Positive people are the best. Did you know that having positive people in your life can actually increase your happiness. Being a positive person myself, I love to surround myself with similar people. I have one friend who can be very negative and I find myself always giving her positive affirmations.

    When you think positive thoughts, you will manifest them.

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