Why Are Emojis So Damn Popular?

Someone once said to me “an emoji knows how to say everything I can’t”. Really? At the time I though the statement to be a little dumb, but I’m starting to see the light. Emojis have been around a long time, but it’s only in recent years that they have become a real staple in digital communications. It seems like every other week I see a new alert notifying me that there another few dozen emojis coming out.


The love of Emojis really varies drastically from one person to the next, however these little digital images only seem to be getting more popular. Why is that??? I mean they really have exploded in popularity and become a bit of a cornerstone for 21st century communications. So much so that they have even earned themselves a dedicated day of significance, #WorldEmojiDay. What is it about those little digital images that have made them essential to communication in today’s world?

Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge says “Emoji are a great way to add personality to a text-based conversation.” This is a bit of a funny way to phrase it, but I see what he’s angling at. For the average user, this adds a little flare to their communications be it SMS texting, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You don’t need to be a wordsmith when you have emojis.

An article by Meera Senthilingam of CNN talks about the benefits psychologists see in studying the society’s use of emojis. Specifically, their ability to give us the same satisfaction in our communications digitally as we would have in person. So on top of being a nice aesthetic compliment, there is psychological support to say that in digital communications, emojis are a better and sometimes clearer means of expressing emotion rather than standalone text.

Succinct communications is also becoming more of a standard in digital communications and emojis MO are to be quick and concise. We see it in many social networks. Twitter is limited to 150 characters, Instagram only allows so many characters before having to click “more” and there are numerous other restrictions. Emojis serve as a means to concisely and effectively communicate feelings, thoughts and emotions with a symbol versus numerous characters so their use is practical too.

With so many reasons why Emojis are awesome, it begs the question how far is this fad going to go? Are Emojis the new shorthand?


Twitter – Ever wonder why you like Emojis so much? Learn why: http://bit.ly/19hTUNx

Facebook – Emojis are so dam popular! Why is that? Learn why Emojis are the new cornerstone of modern digital communications.




6 thoughts on “Why Are Emojis So Damn Popular?

  1. Great read! I have to say I do use quite a few emojis in my texts and my favourite ones are the unicorn and the nerdy smiley. Although, some of the young students at work filled me in on the “other” meanings of certain emojis which makes me a little weary about using certain emojis as they may have a different meaning than the literal item! Yikes!

  2. Thanks Sali! I am also guilty of growing emoji use. I know what you mean about not knowing the meaning of some. Most are straight forward but there is some iffy territory. If I’m not 100% what the emoji signifies I scroll right past it.

  3. Who knew there was such a thing as an emojipedia! But I do have a question: What if our use of emojis gradually becomes so extensive that we actually circle back to using hieroglyphics? hehehe

    • Thanks Christine. I know I was amazed there was an emojipedia as well! Totally! That’s exactly what I was thinking! It’s like we’re reverting to a more detailed version of shorthand. Funny how things like this are kind of cyclical.

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