Bend the Trend: Social Media Marketing

The Question:

In my first blog post, I made reference to the ‘social media wave’ and how overwhelming it can be for an individual to participate.  We see ourselves as a single entity and given the vastness of the social media world, it is a challenge to establish a place for ourselves and/or our brands.  Perhaps the questions we ask ourselves in validating our social media presence are too mechanical.  For example, many will examine and scrutinize the ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions.  What can I provide to the audience? Or why would anyone listen to me? Because there are millions of people that can and do provide the same end results as you.  So what’s different?


The Bend:

Strategically speaking, audience members don’t connect with content because since can get that from anywhere.  They connect with you.  Social media is a leverage (bullet #2) that allows you to individualise your content so you can make it your own.   So your character and intentions must shine through your content for it to be authentic.  That very authenticity is what will allow a strong connection between you and your audience (bullet #1).  This very notion defies old school marketing tactics that have been taught since it is heavily product and/or content focused.  This would be perfectly fine…if we were in the 90’s.  Companies are now forced to have relationships with their customers in order to keep their business…they have to care about helping people, not just making money.  This means that content today must include a relationship with the audience and should never be taken for granted.  Here is an example of what AMEX is doing to foster better relationships with their customers (bullet #3).

There are obviously rules of engagement when trying to market your brand, product or service.   This video does a decent job of highlighting some of the elements to keep in mind when engaging in social media marketing.

The Decision:

So what are you going to do?  Although it can be challenging at times, it is important to stay the course.  Loving what you do will get you through those moments of doubt or when you forget your ‘why’.  If the love for what you’re doing can be weaved into your content, success is assured for you at some point.  Just Decide and Believe.


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