Personal Branding in Social Media

As a graphic designer the first thing we are taught is the importance of branding and especially the importance of personal branding. The first steps to putting yourself out there are having a well-rounded personal brand to establish yourself by. How can you expect people to want to work with you and trust you to create an ever-lasting brand identity for them if you do not even have one for yourself?

What they do not teach or really tell you is the importance of carrying out your personal brand on social media. Yes, we have personal websites that have our branding applied to them but not everyone applies that to their social media as well. What do I mean by applying your personal brand to social media? Having all your profile pictures in sync, having a well curated Instagram theme, using colours that are part of your brand and posting content relevant to your brand’s mission statement.

In a previous blog post of mine I talked about the importance of an Instagram theme. I’ll explain again what I mean by that; having all your images be similar in content and/or the use of similar colours within images. Now it might seem easy or maybe you’re thinking that that does not sound easy at all and you would be right. It is very hard to properly execute and maintain an Instagram theme. It limits what type of content you can post, which makes it difficult to post regularly and keep your audience intrigued. Now I will admit I am a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to this topic, I have a personal brand (sort of, it is in transition right now so bare with me) but it is not very well executed over my social media. Hey now before you roll your eyes like I said my brand is in transition and properly executing an Instagram theme is very difficult but can be extremely rewarding.

Here is an example of my Instagram page and branding, notice similar colour tones and themes within the images:

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 1.33.33 PM

Here is a great article I think you should read on the importance of personal branding and social media: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding

Think you’re up to the challenge of creating and running your personal brand on social media?

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Twitter: the importance of personal branding and social media:

Facebook: Checkout my latest blog post to find out why carrying your personal brand onto your social media is so important!


2 thoughts on “Personal Branding in Social Media

  1. Hey Taylor, great post! I am in the beginning stages of starting my Virtual Assistant & Social Media Co-ordinating company, where my brand is technically me, so a personal branding strategy is going to be crucial. I look forward to reading the personal branding article you included.

  2. Great post Taylor! Really enjoyed your thoughts on an Instagram theme and I completely agree that it is vital to your over branding strategy. As a graphic designer you’re not just selling your artwork, you’re selling yourself too and it looks like you’ve got a great start here. Good luck!

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