Blog #2 Social Media Strength for Yoga

The practice of Yoga has become a very popular form of fitness.  It is a process of well-being that has been in existence for over 15,000 years.

Moksha Yoga Orleans

I live on the outskirts of Ottawa in Orleans and when I think of Yoga, I think of Moksha Yoga in Orleans.  They opened up on St. Joseph Blvd on December 2011.  They have 1,566 likes on their page.  There are 85 reviews on their page.  They offer discounts on classes at, and  They have a Twitter account with 865 followers.  Their instructors participate in the free Parliament Hill Yoga and it’s advertised on their social media accounts.  On Twitter they retweet from popular yoga sites.

Yoga on the Hill

Have you heard of Parliament Hill Yoga in Ottawa, Ontario every Wednesday at noon from May 3 to August 30?  Yes, and it’s Free!  It’s hosted by Lululemon and their Facebook page has 3,536 people who like their page.  Their hashtag is #phyoga which they use consistently in posts.  They create their events inside the Facebook page with a photo of the instructor and a description of the class.  They also post photos of participants on Parliament Hill and receive a good amount of interaction on their posts.

Yoga with Jas

I met Jas at a networking event.  Jas has been a yoga instructor since 2002 and she reached out to me for help with social media.  She uses Facebook and Instagram in her business. Yoga with Jas currently has 271 likes on her Facebook page and her page has been active since April 2016.  Her website is  Her target audience is beginners and people who want to deepen their meditation practice through yoga.  Jas has a class on Thursday nights at 8pm in Orleans at Downsize Fitness and the drop in price is $10/class.
Jas currently has a good mix of posts, video and inspiration.  Outlining the benefits of yoga and what poses will help resolve what issue will also be useful information to post on her page.
The consistent use of keywords and hashtags in posts and headings, for example #YogaWithJas #Orleans #Yoga.
After a quick Google search I found this article with the top 10 hastags for yoga.  #yogapants #meditate #meditation #fitness #health #mundra #love #workout #yogi #namaste.  It’s a good idea in Facebook to limit the use of hashtags to two or three per
Jas would also benefit from more interaction on her page by asking questions.  I noticed one photo of a class she taught with the following caption:

What a wonderful group of people!  End result = #BlissedOut #YogaWithJas #Sip #skill #YogaBasics #beginner

Change the words around to create interaction.

“What a wonderful group of people in class today!  Describe with a #hashtag in the comments how you felt after class. Look for my #hashtag is in the comments.” #YogaWithJas #Orleans (many people also ask for a GIF)

Use Facebook to boost posts to the Orleans/Ottawa area using keywords that focus on her target audience.  Boost to people who like your page.

Create events inside your Facebook Page of all of your upcoming classes and workshops.

Use video to promote the business on Facebook, use Facebook Live.  Create a Twitter account and/or blog.  Use the blog to distribute content to Social Media accounts.
Yoga Inspiration is a page with over one million likes so it would be a great place to share content from and get ideas on posts.
Like this post if you love to #Handstand
This post with a photo of the handstand pose received 5.1K likes and 241 shares.  Found on YogaInspiration.
What advice would you give to Jas to promote her yoga business?

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