What would happen if social media disappeared tomorrow?


With the number of users using social media, being a whopping 2.46 billion worldwide and expecting to increase to 3.02 billion by 2021 (N/A, 2017), it really makes me wonder… What would happen if social media disappeared tomorrow?

Today, social media is used for EVERYTHING! Staying in touch with friends and family, staying up-to-date with news and current events, networking, entertainment, to share photos and videos, to meet new people, to share one’s opinion, to find reviews on products you’re interested in buying, or places you’re interested in visiting. On average, teens and young adults spend upwards of 9 hours per day on social media platforms! (Magazin, 2017) In a poll by GlobalWebIndex.net, 39% of social media users between the ages 16-24, use it to fill up spare time! (McGrath, 2017) If social media disappeared, they will have a lot more spare time to fill up and no social media to fill it up with.

Now, what about the people whose job revolves around social media? According to dreamgrow.com, there are 40 million active small business pages in Facebook alone. (Hainla, 2017) Its somebodies job to be posting content for those businesses, what would happen to them? What about social media influencers, who’s only source of income is what they make off of social media? Here’s a little insight from Dummies.com (Kristy Sammis, n.d.) Showing, on average what influencers can make:

  • Blogggers: $175.00 – $5000.00+ per month (depending on number of blog impressions)
  • Instagram: $75.00 – $3000.00+ per image (depending on number of followers)
  • Youtube: $500.00 – $5000.00+ per video (depending on number of channel subscribers)

Needless to say, there would be a lot of unemployed people if there was no more social media.

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3 thoughts on “What would happen if social media disappeared tomorrow?

  1. Hi Amanda,
    Great post, it made me stop and think what my day would look like it social media disappeared tomorrow. Personally, I think I would spend more time reading books and less time procrastinating. The statistics you share are scary. With the amount of people whose livelihoods depend on social media, and considering social media addiction has become a thing, I think many would be lost if it disappeared tomorrow.

  2. Those are some pretty crazy numbers!! Makes you wonder how the people before us survived without social media. I wonder if this is our response to the ‘automation’ wave that has been on the news lately. Accountants and other professionals will be replaced by robots. Yikes!

  3. I think I would go through a phase of depression…And as much as that sounds crazy, it is my reality!!! I spend so much time of instagam and can’t imagine how I would survive without it…Its bad enough when the internet is down…But to have no more social media? Wow….that would be something!!!

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