I remember very well one of the first moments when I was a child that cemented my love of baking. I was six years old and it was my turn to bring a baked good to my brownie meeting. I remember waiting for my mother to get back from work to get them ready on time for my meeting. I don’t think I was much help, I probably cracked and egg or two and mixed a little, likely making a mess in the process but when you’re in a rush – every parent would have done the same and anyway, which parent would let a six year old use an oven by themselves? As it was time to feast on the brownies (that my mother made!) at the meeting, everyone told me how delicious they were. So gooey and still warm – I was thrilled! I remember getting my first brownie badge that day, the baking badge of course, and feeling so proud.


My passion for baking evolved as I got older and was allowed to use the oven by myself and I still love watching baking shows (my favourite is the Great British Bake Off) and trying to replicate what is being made on TV. I even completed a pattiserie certificate at Algonquin College and took pictures of every single item that I made. I’ve often thought about creating an Instagram account strictly with pictures of my baked goods but have never followed through on it – strange, given that I love looking at other people’s food pics as many people do. I guess the food picture trend is still growing with no end in sight – could it be because people just love taking pictures or is there more, i.e the visual absorption of information is stronger than any other sense.


Gaston Oliva’s article on The Power Of The Image discusses 5 didactic uses of Instagram, here they are:


  1. We are primarily visual beings
  2. We process images up to 60,000 times faster than text
  3. We have more ability to retain the visual content than any other form of information
  4. The online content that includes visual information register better results
  5. Their impact on social networks is also notable.



Since I don’t have an Instagram account (yet!), here are some pictures that I took of baked goods that I’ve made – What do you think? Would you eat them?

Fruits Sushi

Tropical Fruit Sushi


Bread Rolls

Poppy Seed Bread Rolls

Floral Fruit Tart

Floral Fruit Tart

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake



Social Media Component



Check out my #pastrypics while learning more about being a visual learner at



Learn more about the power of the image at and decide if you would take a nibble of my baked goods.

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