Are you starting a new project and have a TON of questions but you just don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, you are not alone!

This is the case for lots of people when they are venturing on a new project. One of the challenges can be finding useful information and knowing where to turn to when you have questions. I say useful information, because in the age of technology that we live in there is SO much information right at our finger tips – the hard part is weeding through all of it trying to figure out what is good for you. A great place to start would be to get involved in a Learning Community.

What does it exactly mean when you say ‘I am part of a community’? Is being a part of a community directly related to a geographical location? Most certainly not!

A community is about “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” The purpose of a Learning Community is for a group of people, who share a common interest, to get together to discuss issues, concerns, success stories, whatever they want to on that certain topic. There is no actual leader in a Learning Community rather there is a moderator – someone to get the discussion started and to provide support. It is a place that we can teach each other, collaborate with one another, exchange ideas and information, and most importantly were we can learn from each other.

Why join a Learning Community?

A Learning Community is about bringing likeminded people together to educate one another, exchange ideas, discuss trends, motivate and support each other, the list just goes on! Whether you are new to the industry or a Rockstar, a Learning Community is a terrific way to stay connected. And the best part, well there are two best parts: 1) doesn’t matter where you live, technology allows us to connect and learn from anywhere is the world; and 2) its FREE!

So if you are starting a new project or you want to share with others what you have learned about for a specific industry, research what Learning Communities are out there for you. It is a great place to post a question, share and idea, or even ask for an opinion – you will get lots of responses from many different angles! You are sure to pick up some neat tips and tricks of the trade along the way.

Already part of a Learning Community? That’s great! Share with us on why you joined and what your experience has been. We would love to hear from you!

Facebook: Are you starting a new project and just don’t know where to start? Have you ever thought about joining a Learning Community? It is a great place to share ideas, learn what has worked and not worked for others – it can really help get the juices flowing! Check out some other reason why joining a Learning Community could be right for you

Twitter: Do you have a TON of questions about something but you just don’t know where to start? What about joining a Learning Community?

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