COM0014 – Blog 4 – Aldo’s solid social media presence

The Canadian shoe and accessory brand Aldo, has created strong and solid social media marketing. No stat better illustrates Aldo’s success than its growing number of stores around the world: approaching 100 countries.



Its social media strategy revolves around a presence on Facebook; Aldo has collaborated with celebrities and “not so famous” bloggers to engage with the audience of those influencers. Aldo’s latest campaign taps creative influencers from different fields out of the fashion industry who share how their creative endeavors affect their fashion choices. The company’s strategy is much more effective and complete than many others. It also encourages social sharing and user interaction on its web pages by way of product ratings and reviews. The company is not only on Facebook, website and blog, but also on Twitter, You Tube, and it has a huge presence on Instagram.

In order to create synergy, Aldo displays connected activities and images across the different platforms and it also includes links to all of those different platforms. Another strategy the company uses to engage their audience, is by encouraging clients in physical stores to subscribe to their email lists.

Aldo has been building this huge online presence the right way. It uses social media as a direct response vehicle, it invests time and effort to build relationships, it listens and interacts with the audience, creates online synergy and monitors all its platforms well. The result could not be different than success.



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