COM0014 — Blog No. 4: Flying High

The Fly Lady has built a solid business through her creative – and genuine – B2C social media marketing. Marla Cilley, a.k.a. The Fly Lady, specializes in helping people bring the chaos of their lives under control, and she does it with great empathy.

Online Synergy

She has an online presence that’s anchored by her web page, where she blogs about getting organized by decluttering and establishing easy routines for home cleaning. She has links to her very active Facebook account, her Twitter stream, and to her YouTube and Blog Talk Radio pages. The Fly Lady also creates online synergy by having guests regularly blog on her page. Since launching in 2001, she has garnered more than 500,000 Facebook followers, some 42,000 followers on Twitter, and 40,000 YouTube subscribers.

Her Facebook activity includes responses to messages, typically within a few hours, regular posts on her prime subject, as well as daily quick hits asking, “What’s for dinner?” She regularly posts fun and encouraging sayings. The most-viewed Fly Lady YouTube video, with 138,153 views, is titled “Dirty Doors!” followed by “Mop Handle How-to Video,” with 54,172 views.

Email by Subscription

Some of the other ways she engages her market are by Facebook Live question-and-answer sessions and by daily task lists and encouragement emails to subscribers. She also has an app offering an online courses in her organizational/cleaning method, pre-loaded cleaning routines, weekly cleaning lists, and fun daily “missions.”

All of this activity supports the sale of Fly Lady cleaning products, including mops and brooms in various sizes, microfiber dusters, toilet bowl cleaner, and rags – all in her signature purple colour.

The Fly Lady has been building this online empire for many years, and her online strategy is very clearly working for her, and for her constituents. It can only be counted a success.

What do you think? When your B2C online marketing strategy is working, should you keep adding components or stay the course?

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