COM0014 – Blog 4 – What is #SSZ1035

While checking trending hashtags in Twitter, one hashtag stood out to me a few days in a row; #SSZ1035.  I clicked on it to see what it was and it belonged to a radio station in Toronto called Z103.5.  After visiting their website and clicking on Listen Live, it was clear that this station targets young adults with dance hit music.  They have 39.9K followers and quite often they show up in Trending hashtags.  On Facebook they have 208,171 Likes.

Z1035 has been a leader in Dance Hit Music in the Toronto market for over 20 years. Our listeners are active, trendy, tech savvy new consumers who are in the new-product acquisition stages of life. Z103.5 listeners are the most lucrative of all age demographics for retailers to target.

 Use of Trending Hashtags #longweekend

This weekend they have a new hashtag .  This seems to be a popular theme with their listeners.  The reason I noticed it again today was because one of the trending hashtags is #longweekend and below it says “@Z1035Toronto is Tweeting about this”.

They are listening to their fans on Twitter because no tweet goes unanswered.  Fans tweet that they are looking forward to the weekend even more now that #Z1035WaybakWeekend is back and the station replied by asking “Love it Sarah.  Can we share this on our Facebook page?”

Here’s what they say about their social media.  In my opinion, they are move visible and have more interaction on Twitter.

Z103.5 represents a loyal REAL audience – An audience, which is ENGAGED …Z103.5 is a TRUE influencer
Z103.5 is among the top stations in the Toronto CMA connecting with its listeners through Facebook.
Radio Station App on iPhone, Blackberry, and Android with 1,000,000’s of connects each month!
Over 1,000,000 listening online.
YouTube’s Z-TV engages Z103.5 listeners online.

Several listeners have requested songs and again the station has replied saying “I’m sure at some point this weekend you will hear the original.”

They are consistently posting on Facebook and Twitter.  Not only the station but the announcers and fans.

Radio stations define their target audience to a specific personality and actively interact with them.  What other type of business does this?




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