COM0014 – Blog #4: They might be small, but they are mighty!

I very much enjoy shopping locally and do try do it often, not only because I know where the products are coming from but also to help support local businesses. It is important to me to help try and support the little shops, to keep them going. More recently, since my boys have been born, I have been loving all of the locally made clothing for babies and toddlers. But it is hard to always find these shops, most of them I have just come across in the mom blogs that I follow – that is until recently! Now to clarify, when I say shop local, I mean within Ontario or at least within Canada.

More recently I stumbled upon the cutest little shop that I have ever seen, Little Loves Co. This is a small boutique located about 30mins outside of Ottawa in Carleton Place that carries Canadian handmade items. They have children’s clothing and adults, house décor, jewelry, nursery décor, and so much more. Pretty much all of the local shops that I have been buying from online can all be found in this one store!

They have only been opened for a about a year now, so they are still a new shop. They do, however, have a great following on Facebook and Instagram. They do not have a website, only social media. I follow them on both accounts and I don’t think there has been a day that goes by that they haven’t posted something.  This is so important, because if you don’t make yourself know DAILY people will move on. Think of email. Usually someone has a 24hrs window to respond to a request through email – if they don’t within that time, people move on to the next. Every time that I have emailed, made a comment on a Facebook post, or sent a message through Instagram, this shop has replied within hours, beating that 24hrs deadline in a fashionable way 😊

I look forward to their daily Instagram stories where they showcase items that they have in their shop. They even do share some personal stuff as well, such as one of the owners recently moved and her challenges of moving with a toddler. It is nice to see them share things on a personal level as we can relate and as a follower you connect with them more.

This shop isn’t for everyone and therefore has a very specific demographic. Customer service is everything to me and even though I might love your product if you do not provide good customer service, I will not shop with you, that is a guarantee! Part of having a social media presence is about providing good customer service. And just because you are a small local boutique, doesn’t mean you can’t have a strong social media presence. It is about creating that connection with the followers you do have – word of mouth is still so key!


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