Breath In, Breath Out (COMM0014 Blog #4 B2C Case Study)

The best way to start my day is with a revitalizing yoga class. Instead of rushing off to the gym or joining an expensive yoga studio, I enjoy yoga in the comfort of my home at whatever time is convenient.


“Yoga on Gaia” @yogaongaia is the perfect solution for me. I look forward to my morning stretches that help me focus, relax and prepare for my day. This popular online streaming video subscription service currently has 1,406,392 followers on Facebook and 106,474 followers on Twitter.


B2C engagement

Gaia engages with their customers through all forms of social media. They are connected at all times of the day sharing events, photos, posts, videos and local community information. I feel a part of this wellness community each time I see a new post, read a blog or watch a live stream. The service is affordable and information is current, creative and educational. I look forward to daily tweets, photos on Instagram or Pinterest but mostly videos on Facebook. Gaia is connected to their viewers offering interactive guest speakers who answer questions and offer guidance. Through my participation and involvement I am engaged. The best part of my daily practice is to feel inner peace and feel like I am part of the yoga community.


Gaia offers variety

Each day I enjoy a new yoga video and feel connected to the program. According to their website they offer over “8,000 films, documentary and original programs dedicated to conscious media, personal grows and spirituality” (Source: I enjoy the variety that this service offers and I am never bored with the program.


Gaia offers results

I have seen the positive effect of practicing yoga daily. It helps me with stress reduction, energy boosts throughout the day and even helps me sleep better at night. I enjoy learning about ways to reduce stress, improve posture and the importance of breathing. Overall, I feel like I am improving my health and achieving goals of becoming more active and focused. As a result of these programs, my mind, body and spirit are in balance.


Gaia offers convenience

Even when I am away from home I enjoy the convenience of this program. I am able to connect to my yoga practice anywhere with the device of my choice. On the beach, at work or outdoors, this service is accessible whenever and wherever. The online videos are available by streaming Yoga on Gaia, 24 hours a day. This service is perfect for a person who leads a busy life, as classes are available anytime of the day. I have travelled to other countries and haven’t missed a day of my practice.


I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested in yoga, Pilates, meditation and improving their well being, to visit Yoga on Gaia to learn more about the services they offer. This B2C business is champion for engaging with its audience online. For more information visit the health and wellness website at


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