How Many Stars Does It Have?

Remember the dark days of having to choose a restaurant by just pointing to one? Taking the risk of not liking anything on the menu and just winging it. Well thanks to social media we no longer have to face those fears. Alright I’m being a bit dramatic but I am a huge foodie and I can be a bit picky when it comes to picking what to eat so I’m the kind of person who always looks online ahead of time. Not only do I go a quick google search to browse the menu but I search TripAdvisor to see ratings and reviews, I creep Instagram to see images of the dishes to see what looks good to eat. Okay, I am a bit extreme but hey I love food and I take it seriously because I do not want to be disappointed.

Another thing I love about social media and the food world is food blogging/food pictures. I love taking pictures of my food and posting them to Instagram, and people always ask me why I do this and do people really want to see this? I mean I hope they do, but the reason I post pictures of my food and give them reviews is so my friends/followers can see how great this place is and check it out for themselves. If a restaurant has a great atmosphere, amazing food and good staff then you better believe I will stand behind them and post on all social media about them to get the word out there.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 7.35.12 PM

This is the level of dedication to food blogging I aspire to have.

A huge benefit to sites like TripAdvisor is for travellers to find great local restaurants in an unknown area. I have two examples of how this is beneficial to the user:

  1.  I was travelling in Europe and  I used TripAdvisor to find local cafes and restaurants to eat in and every one I went to was absolutely incredible and for sure not somewhere I would have found on my own. Being able to see ratings and reviews really came in handy.
  2. I am planning a trip to Alaska in a month and being vegetarian poses a difficultly when trying to find places to eat, especially up north. Being able to look ahead of time on TripAdvisor to not only find good restaurants in the area but also find ones that are vegetarian friendly so I don’t have to worry while I’m there is a huge benefit.


Check out some of Ottawa’s local food blogs for some great suggestions on where to eat:

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One thought on “How Many Stars Does It Have?

  1. Great post Taylor! Again, as always I love your tone of voice – I can hear you saying it to me as I read line by line (very Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City). I also consider myself a bit of a foodie and absolutely love doing my research before checking out a new restaurant. However, sometimes I worry I’ve become a bit of a snob when it comes to picking restaurants because I want it all – delicious food, great service and a nice ambiance! haha 🙂

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