COM0011 Blog #2 – How do you find your inspiration?

For me, I like to draw on other things that I see, that is what helps to get me started. Whether it be for a newsroom post, designing a new badge for a course, etc. I search what others have done to get the juices flowing! I recently (past couple of months) have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon – and let me tell you, where has that been all my life! If you do not already have a Pinterest account, get one, it is a great resource to get inspired! The best part is you can create boards to categories for all your ideas so it is easy to find when needed.

The question is, how can Pinterest be useful to small business? I am no expert, however I just wanted to add in my thoughts.

The idea behind Pinterest is to drive traffic to your site (blog posts, articles, photos, etc.). Most active Pinterest users clink on posted pins that then take them directly back to a website – on average half of those active users will continue to browse and shop on those sites.

I would have to say many of use Social Media to get our content out there, to make ourselves (and our brand) known, to show that we are the leading expert in our field. From my personal experience, I now follow a TON of people who blog about food ideas and recipes because of Pinterest. I found them on Pinterest, but I now actually visit their websites on a regular basis and actually read what they post! They aren’t selling anything but they have gained my full attention and readership because of Pinterest.
Pinterest is just another way that you can drive people to site where they can learn more about you, what it is that you do, see your products that your produce and/or sell, and follow you – which is what we all want right! It is just another way that you can make yourself known and another channel to distribute your content.

Let’s consider Twitter. Who would you more follow, someone who has 57 followers or someone who has 829 followers? Me, I would follow someone with 829 followers over someone who only has 57 followers and simply because of just that – it makes them more credible and therefore more worth my time. Might not always be the case, but more followers catches peoples attention. It says ‘hey, I have something to say and people want to know what I a have to say’. 

Here are a few articles that I found that can provide more info on this as well as tips to help small business’s get started with Pinterest:
7 Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Small Business 
4 Great Reasons to Use Pinterest for Small Business Marketing
26 Ways to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business  

Pinterest has also released a series of webinars that you can watch on how it can help small businesses. They focus more so on ads (which Pinterest does just like Facebook) and how you can create a Pinterest campaigns.

Hope you find this helpful and let me know if you made the decision to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon also! If you already have, maybe you could share some tips on how it has worked for you.

One thought on “COM0011 Blog #2 – How do you find your inspiration?

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Pinterest is AMAZING! I don’t use it for business, but Pinterest is the only reason I know how to cook. lol

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