Elephant’s Never Forget!

Just imagine receiving a 911 call claiming, “There’s an elephant walking down the street”. Is this true? How could this be possible? News spreads quickly on social media not only locally but also around the world. There is no way to control this information when it is instantly shared.

I will always remember July 12, 2007. It was the night that three elephants escaped from the circus in Newmarket. I not only worked at the Ray Twinney Recreation Complex, where the circus was being held but also I knew the people who spotted the elephant.

Within minutes the news was being picked up by the local media and quickly grabbed the attention of other news stations around the world. We heard radio broadcasts in London, England talking about the escaping elephants and even Ellen DeGeneres talked about the 911 calls on her show.

It is hard to believe that this YouTube video has over 250,000 views and continues to attract interest: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zOT8Lcby1Eg

This information never goes away. Just last week my cousin in Cleveland shared a Facebook post from Comic Mayhem stating, “This is the funniest 911 call I’ve ever heard”. This incident is still being shared and talked about globally on social media 10 years after the elephants escaped.

Not everyone thought this incident was funny. We had concerned citizens calling about their safety in the streets and organizations began protesting about animal cruelty. There has been a lot of controversy and social change throughout the past 10 years about elephants being in the circus. We no longer have circus animals or exotic animals in our facilities or at our events.

This media attention was something that we needed to address. Policies were established and action was taken to ensure this would not happen again. We became more prepared for any future incidents that may occur at events and ways to better manage responding to inquiries or comments on social media.

I will never forget the day the elephants wandered the streets of Newmarket. Even though this seems like old news to me, people have continued to share the 911 call video clips on social media for 10 years.

It is important to be reminded that elephants never forget and neither does social media. Is there something that you remember from social media that you would never forget?

Twitter: Elephant’s never forget, what do you remember? Find out at http://bit.ly/2eZfXYp #elephants #circus #Newmarket

Facebook: Do you remember the day the elephant’s wandered the streets of Newmarket? It’s been 10 years since this incident and the 911 call is still being shared on social media. Visit http://bit.ly/2eZfXYp to find out more.










4 thoughts on “Elephant’s Never Forget!

  1. oh wow…that is certainly a rare occurence. i watched the video, I gotta say the elephants looked at peace…and so did the people. Good post!

  2. This reminds me of when a turkey farm’s fence door was left open by accident in the west end of Ottawa during the summer when I was a kid. I remember my oldest brother waking up screaming that there was a turkey in our backyard, of course having just been woken up and probably not older than 10 I told him he was crazy. Then I heard a thump. The turkey was on the roof! It didn’t go viral or anything, social media was not as present 10 years ago as it is now. Thanks for sharing!

    • I am sure that was a day you will never forget. It is amazing to think of all the strange things that happened when we were younger that people now share on social media.

  3. I hadn’t heard about the elephants before! I love this! It really makes me wonder what people in the 1920s…or 1820s…would have been sharing on social media if that had been available to them.

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