COMM0014 Blog #3 We Need More Members!

Who is interested in becoming a member of Toastmasters? How can we increase our membership? We need more members!

This year my goal as President of The Newmarket Toastmasters is to attract 15 new members. An increased membership builds enthusiasm, creative ideas, active meetings and an opportunity to inspire others to develop their leadership and communication skills.

At the beginning of the year I had a meeting with our newly elected executive team and told them about my aspirations. It was a far-fetched dream but I was determined to make it happen. I knew the first steps were to assess our target audience.

Who Are We?

In the beginning we asked our registered members through an online survey, what originally attracted them to Toastmasters and what they liked most about becoming a member? We gathered information about their interests, hobbies, goals and demographics. These responses helped us learn more about our current membership and helped guide us in the direction of determine who may be interested in joining our club.

With the information that we gathered it allowed us to determine how we could attract more people to our club. It was fascinating to read the information they shared. Everyone had different hobbies and interests but almost all of their goals for joining were the same. All of the members wanted to improve their public speaking skills, meet new people and become stronger leaders.

We learned that the majority of members were between the ages of 35-55, lived in Newmarket, worked full time, both male and female, and everyone had post secondary school education. This information helped us strengthen our knowledge of who was attracted to Toastmasters and what kept them coming back each week.

Take Action

The next step was to take action and promote our club to this specific audience. We created a website, distributed flyers to service clubs and local businesses, advertised on the radio, television and newspaper and held open houses, contests and celebrations.

This picture was from a competition we held earlier this year in Newmarket. After the competition three audience members were inspired by the speeches and joined our club.

Our Future

We cannot predict the future but we can expand our communication strategy. We are looking forward to promoting our club through social media this month. We will share the benefits of Toastmasters through inspirational quotes, testimonials, photos, and accomplishments on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We are confident that communicating through social media will be an excellent strategy in attracting new members.

The first half of the year has been a great success. We currently have 8 new members registered and only need 7 more to reach our goal. We are not giving up. We are determined to build our campaign to reach out to our community and increase our membership. By the end of the year we can celebrate and say to each other “We don’t need any more new members”.


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