Target Audience: Who Collects Purses?

Last week, my wake up alarm was set to Chez 106.1, a classic rock radio station in Ottawa.  Doc asked if it was normal that his wife had 37 purses and then posted the question on their Facebook page.  One women replied that she had a Miche bag and 37 covers for her purse was not too many.  I need to meet this woman!

On July 31, Magnolia and Vine will release a new line of interchangeable purses and it’s a known fact that many women collect purses.  These are the only images that have been released so far.

Magnolia and Vine purses are not the same as a Miche Bag, but similar.  Technically, you only have one purse and the number of faces are unlimited.  I have sold Miche purses for five years and once you have a customer with the base bag you have a repeat customer several times per year.

The collections are targeted at women between the age of 30 to 55.  My customers are professional women who want to have a put together look, and in most cases have a college or university education and make over $40,000 per year.  These are women who like a designer bag, but also like the idea that they can get two purses from between $60 to $150 and coordinate the covers with their outfits.  It is also appealing because they can very inexpensively update their purse with a new face.  In many cases, my customer will also purchase a purse for their mother or daughter.

Family members love this because it’s so easy to shop for gifts, so it’s a good idea to boost posts every so often to “people who like my page and their friends” to reach their family members.

How many purses are in your closet?


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