COM0014 Blog #2 “Let me tell you a story”

Let me tell you a story

Growing up, I loved to hear my grandmother start a conversation with “Let me tell you story”. She shared memories of her past that captivated everyone’s attention. When she spoke, it felt like you were being transported through time. She was a gifted storyteller.

Sharing stories

Throughout history and around the world, storytelling has been one of our greatest forms of communication. Evidence proves ancient people shared accounts of their daily lives and cultural beliefs through oral history and engraving rock art images.

Although the tools for communicating have changed overtime, the message is still clear that we are all interested in sharing stories.

Today, social media is an effective method to share our stories and communicate immediately with our contacts and possibly millions of unknown users.

Effective communication is key

No matter how you communicate with others, it needs to be effective. It is important to remember to share information in a way that is easy to understand and clear for others to interpret.

My grandmother taught me that one of the best methods for attracting an audience is to capture their attention at the beginning. When writing for social media the headline and first few sentences are the most important. This information grabs the reader’s attention and draws them into your story or post.

Sometimes we miss crucial information if it is buried in the story. When we send or receive information it needs to be attractive to the reader. It is the same as telling a story we need to engage our listeners.

Staying connected

For many years my grandmother refused to use a computer and avoided all types of digital communication. She soon realized she was loosing touch with family members and found it difficult to share her stories.

In the past few months she has started to use social media to communicate with others. We look forward to reading her posts that begin “Let me tell you a story”.


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