COM0011 Blog #1 To Share, or Not To Share, That is the Question

To Share, or Not to Share, That is the Question

It is easy to fall into the trap of sharing too much information on social media. Stop yourself before sharing every little intimate detail of your life. You don’t want your life to become an open book for everyone to read and share with their contacts.

What needs to be kept private?

Last year my friend was on vacation and shared this photo on Facebook of a breathtaking sunset in Hawaii. She received over 100 likes and many comments about how beautiful the photo was. The unfortunate thing was that she shared too much information.

IMG_0849 copy.JPG

After seeing the photo, her best friend’s son, thought it would be the perfect opportunity to host a party in her backyard with over 200 out of control teenagers. She soon realized that she should have waited and shared the photo when she returned home.

According to Kathy Kristof’s article from CBS Money Watch there are 6 things you should avoid sharing on Facebook.

She states that you should never give out personal information including where you live, passwords, where you were born or confidential information. Identity theft is more common than we think and can lead to devastating circumstances. Posting pictures of parties or inappropriate activities is also something you need to avoid. A drunken photo can lead to job loss or relationship troubles.

I find negative comments or putting down others a complete turnoff. No one wants to hear about your problems or insulting others. Show kindness and support instead of hatred and bitterness.

What information should you share?

You need to attract people to your posts by expressing a positive image that get’s their attention. It is important to be professional and use appropriate language when communicating with others on any social media platform.

It is okay to share photos, inspirational quotes, events, ideas and announcements on social media but remember your contacts may not be the only ones reading your post. It is better to motivate someone than to upset the reader, which may lead to a negative reaction.

I always like to think, is this something my grandmother wants to read or see? If so, then you may feel comfortable sharing this information with others. If you know it is hurtful or will upset someone it is better not to share on social media.

To share, or not to share, what would you do?

What information do you think should not be shared? What is appropriate to share? Everyone has different opinions about what is acceptable to share with others. We must remember that if it is written and recorded then it may never be deleted. Remember to think before you act and remind yourself to read what you have written before you hit send.


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3 thoughts on “COM0011 Blog #1 To Share, or Not To Share, That is the Question

  1. Excellent advice, Deanna! Never post anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see. A lot of people seem to forget that once something is posted on social media it exists forever and can be very costly in the future.

  2. This is a great post and I agree completely. There is a fine line out. My other issue with posting pictures is that people steal them and use them for profit. I have a friend who posted pictures of her Cavalier Spaniels. I was a gorgeous picture. The next thing she knew, an on-line shop was using her images on t-shirts and mugs! She posted a cease and desist order but you never know.

    I am just back from Africa and we have some beautiful pictures. People want to see them but I am reluctant to post them because I don’t want my pics being using for profit by someone else.

    There is an expression that says, “say it, forget it. write it, regret it.” I think it needs to be updated to include a social media component.

  3. I loved your post! As soon as it is out on the world wide web, certain information is almost impossible to retract. I have recently gone through several of my old photo albums and deleted or hid them as they are no longer a representation of who I am and activities I partake in today. Employers have quick access to your social media handles and more and more of them take the time to breeze over them before even scanning your resume!! What are your thoughts on the new GPS enabled location service in snapchat? This allows ANY people that follow you on Snap to instantly know your exact location. A friend of mine has already unfortunately been caught in a lie because of this, causing turmoil in the relationship….but, what about privacy? Excellent things to think about.

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