Instagram Identity – Who Are You? #COM0011

One of the outmost important things for not only a company but an individual to have is proper social media identity and branding. As a graphic designer I can say with confidence that branding is everything. When a company has a good brand their products and services sell themselves. Now a days with social media being so prominent in our lives it is essential that companies execute their branding properly over social media as well.

What is an Instagram theme? An Instagram theme is all about visual consistency by using consistent composition, colours, and content throughout all your images posted to your account. Having an Instagram theme is important when running a companies account but also equally important for an individual as well. Using a theme for your personal Instagram account perceives you as a professional and shows potential employers the care and dedication you put into your social media presence.

Not sure where to start or what your theme should be? You can take many quizzes online or view themes on Pinterest. Here is a fun quiz you can take to find out your theme: Capture Your Style by Aimee Song is an amazing book I would recommend to anyone that needs help finding and executing your new style throughout your Instagram account. I encourage everyone to find their style and execute a proper Instagram theme.


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Twitter: Do you think an instagram theme is important for a personal account?! #selfbranding #sorrydoesntfitmytheme

Facebook: Do you think an instagram theme is important for a personal account? Comment your thoughts below!


6 thoughts on “Instagram Identity – Who Are You? #COM0011

  1. Hey Taylor,

    It was really interesting to read your blog and to get a graphic designer’s perceptive on personal branding.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Interesting. I certainly understand the point of having an identity for a company. That is why Kentucky Fried Chicken re-branded under KFC. They did not want to be associated with the word “fried” — bad for you, right? On a personal level, I like matchy-matchy stuff. I like having things that match and coordinate. I sometimes wonder if employers get too caught up in the social media of potential employees. In the workplace, I would prefer substance over style any day. I think what is in the package is sometimes better than the way the package is wrapped. In saying that, however, I am going to track down that book. Sounds like it might have some good stuff in it for me.


  3. Hi Taylor, I agree branding is extremely important when promoting products and services. I work with graphic designers help to create brands for events and recreation programs. Many of our brands are recognized on social media. I haven’t thought about having my own brand but it is a good idea.
    Thanks, Deanna

  4. Hi Taylor,
    I completely agree that branding is everything! Not only business branding, but personal branding as well, I know I’m much more drawn to an instagram page that has a clear style (candids, portraits, colour scheme, etc) than a page with random shots.

  5. Hi Taylor, I loved the title – I found it funny we both went with the “Who are you/Who am I?”. I’m very interested in branding and found your blog to be very insightful as to just how important it is.

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