COM0014 – Blog #1: Our first family vacation!

My husband and I are not much for taking vacations. Even for our honeymoon 4 years ago we just took a couple of extra days and went to Montreal and Mont Ste Sauver. We are not very good flyers, like AT ALL! We have gone places over the years, for our first wedding anniversary we drove to New York City and then in the spring we drove to Boston. We are HUGE baseball fans and we want to visit all the ball parks. We plan to one day do a California trip and visit all 5 MLB teams, for that we will have to fly!

Last summer, we did not travel very far, we went to the Toronto (from Ottawa) to catch a Jays game and visit the Aquarium. Doesn’t sound like much, I know, but it was our first family vacation so it was a very memorable trip. We have twin boys, who are currently 17 months –when we went to Toronto last summer, they were 5 months old. Let me tell you, travelling with babies is crazy! The boys themselves were fantastic, it’s the amount of stuff you have to bring with you that is crazy. We were exhausted by the time we got home, but we did it and it was a lot of fun.

Let me tell you about our Blue Jays experience. We bought amazing seats, just up a couple of rows from home plate. It was a beauty of a day – the sun was shinning, it was warm, a perfect day to have the dome open. We were staying only a couple of blocks from the Skydome and having a double stroller we decided to put the boys in carriers and we each wore one. They had Jays jerseys to wear and we bought them those sound proof ear muffs because it can get very loud at sporting events. Those were a great investment and they had no issues wearing them which was good! We get to the park, walk around for a bit, find our seats, I sit down with one while my husband goes and gets us each a beer. Oh, and keep in mind we also had a backpack full of stuff for the boys. Now, remember I said we had awesome seats and it was a sunny day?

Let me paint this picture for you. We had 2 seats only for pretty much 4 people and a backpack full of stuff, sitting in a busy section at a sell out game, with dome open and the sun just beaming down. I don’t even think we made it through the first inning before the boys started to fuss because they were so hot!  So those super awesome seats that we had, spent maybe about 15-20mins sitting in them. We spent the reminder of the game just walking around up top where it was shaded. We did make the whole game though, which I was VERY surprised at!

First time parents for sure, holy moly! We quickly realized that vacations have changed now that we have kids, and that is totally okay, we just need to make the proper adjustments. Like for the Jays there is actual seating that you can get for a stroller or even get an extra seat for some room and make sure its covered and in the shade! I wanted to go back to another game last summer, just so we could do it right, but we just didn’t have the time. It was a pretty funny experience looking back, one that we will never forget, that’s for sure!

If you are thinking about travelling to a baseball game with your little one(s), check out this article from Today’s Parents for some great tips – something I wish we had done!

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