Digital Storytelling: Making an Impact

Digital Storytelling was definitely not part of my job as an IT Support Specialist for the past 17 years.  Technical writing of knowledge base articles was my specialty.  This communication style is defined as a functional communicator and storytelling is a whole new ball game.

Digital Storytelling Tips

Talk to Your Audience

Know who your target audience is and talk directly to them in an active voice and show your passion.

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” –Robert McKee 

What is Your Ultimate Goal?

Know your goal of the blog and what you want your readers to do.

Begin with the most important information using the “Inverted Pyramid Writing” method because many readers skim for useful information before reading the entire article.

Keep an active list of subjects that you’d like to write about using a tool like Evernote.

Make it Visually Appealing

Try to answer the 5 W’s.  Use short paragraphs and catchy headings that include keywords.  Include your keywords in sub-headings.  Always check and double check spelling, grammar and punctuation.

If you are not comfortable writing, try creating a video or photo blog, giving credit if required.

Use links to external sources that provide additional information about the subject.


End your blog by asking a question to provoke comments and create a conversation.

Four Communication Styles

  1. The analytical communicator uses facts and is an unemotional style of writing.
  2. The intuitive communicator gets right to the point and doesn’t dwell on little details.
  3. The functional communicator uses detail and outlines each step in the process.
  4. The personal communicator uses emotional language, is diplomatic and is a relationship builder.

In writing blogs, I would like to combine the functional and personal communication styles of writing.

Which communication style best describes the way you write?


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