My staycation began in January when I was laid off and until I decide to go back to work, I will enjoy my freedom, spend time with my family and friends and learn some new skills.  The cover photo was taken on the Byward Market in downtown Ottawa at Inspiration Village.

I’m not one to go on extravagant vacations, but I do love to be on vacation.  Fun will find you where ever you are.  For the past two years, my husband and I have enjoyed taking every Friday off from June 1 to August 31 to spend time at home on the deck beside the pool.  We took day trips to different cities or towns, stopped for lunches and took in the views.

Last year, we took an extended long weekend to rent a cottage at Cherry Beach near Picton, Ontario in the picturesque Prince Edward County along Lake Ontario.

IMG_20150801_195916 (2)

My favorite Aunt and Uncle own a cottage at Cherry Beach.  Our two families have spent holidays together all of our lives and we always have a fantastic time when we are together.  My cousins are like brothers and sisters to me and love making new memories and reminiscing.  I’d like to share some pictures but my family is private and I don’t have permission to post my photos.

There is so much to do in Prince Edward County including visiting the infamous Sandbanks Provincial Park, wine tours, shopping in unique little shops in Picton and so much more.  Prince Edward County Attractions

Last year, I booked a Pontoon boat tour that took us on the back “lakes” route and through a narrow canal lined with cottages to Sandbanks where we spent time walking along the sandy beach.


If you hate lineups as much as I do, this is the stress free way to visit Sandbanks.

It looks like the remainder of my summer will be spent studying on the deck beside the pool with a cold drink and maybe a few short day trips.  We may even sneak in an extra long weekend in Picton with my family.


Have you ever tried taking every Friday off and making every weekend a long weekend?


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