COM0014 – Blog #1 – My vacation in muddy March

Last time I had time off from work was in March. I would say it’s not the best time of the year for a break in the Northeastern USA, since the snow is starting to melt and get sticky. I was dreaming about a hiking adventure in the Dolomites and San Vito Lo Capo in Italy, or just exploring and photographing the Maldives or Lençóis Maranhenses in Brazil…you know, anywhere I could do things without having to worry about the cold weather…anyways, with not a very generous chunk of time, we ended up going to Philadelphia, Washington DC and NYC.

Fact is, I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed that trip at that particular time of the year. Well, I am not saying those are boring cities, not at all, but again, not the kind of places I would choose. Especially during the wet and muddy month of March.

We started our trip in old Philadelphia. Philly is most known for its liberty bell and the famous Philly Cheese Steaks. Food and culture are really big there. We went to this place called Talula’s Garden, a high-end restaurant downtown with a chic farmhouse setting and a summer garden that had A-M-A-Z-I-N-G food.  If you go to Philly, it is a must-go place for dinner before seeing the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Kimmel Center.

Now, culturewise, if  you want to see something unique, head to South Street where you’ll find a mosaic wonderland, the Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.


After Philly, we decided to drive quickly to Washington DC before going to NYC. I have some friends who lived there, and they had told me not to leave it behind. They were right. I was impressed. Think of the word ‘massive’.

Washington DC is home to the most amazing array of museums and impressively massive monuments. Simply beautiful. It was just sad we were there a few days before the cherry trees started to blossom…

Our second visit to NYC was interesting. We were not sightseeing at all. We were just wandering about and feeling the vibe and the dynamics of the Big Apple. Yet, I had something on my to-do list there – see the longest-running musical in Broadway history—The Phantom of the Opera , which I had already seen endless times on screen.


One of the things that called my attention in NYC this time was the behaviour of some people I was watching…the kind of behaviour you would never expect in a metropolis. But that’s what I like about New York. The intriguing and unexpected…





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