S-17: Digital Communications Blog #7 – Personal Reflection

The most essential items I’ve learned in this course is to make sure that you have a story to tell.

Everything should link together to ensure that your target audiences can find information quickly that is clear and easy to understand. The story doesn’t have to be particularly creative nor does it have to be elaborate; it has to link the key items of a business together to keep the audience engaged and interested in the product/service.

In creating great digital content, to me it seems that people focus more on the platform versus whether the content is appropriate. A story is only as good as the storyteller and if it isn’t communicated properly, the effort is lost. Not all social media platforms are required to tell a story, nor are they all important. What is important is knowing where your audiences are, the best way to reach them, and then to speak to them in a context that they understand.

Content should always be guided by the communications strategy which is ultimately linked to the business goals. I think that, too often, content is treated as a business goal when it isn’t. It is part of a tactic and a tool to communicate to target audiences. By ensuring that the content flows properly, the story will also flow properly and allow a business to engage with its clients appropriately.


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