COM0015 – Blog #4: Out of the Box

In 2017 and beyond, online marketing and social media professionals and users can expect the unexpected!


With social media ever-evolving and changing, trends are consistently changing minute by minute, day by day; social media users have the world in the palm of their hand – only if you live in an uncensored country that allows you do this.


As a marketing professional, it is fun to see businesses engaging in positive interaction with its followers/customers. Carter Wilkinson tweeted at Wendy’s, asking how many retweets to obtain chicken nuggets for life. Wendy’s replied – 18 million retweets. Challenge accepted! A new viral sensation emerged with Carter, along with supporters and celebrities helping out the cause. Carter managed to set a new record of retweets, surpassing Ellen’s 2014 Oscar selfie.


In the age of burns, clapbacks, and shade, Wendy’s is also setting a precedent by roasting their competition and Twitter users with brutally honest replies tweeting back at its original tweets. Check out Bored Panda’s article for a good chuckle.



Wendy’s has succeeded at establishing a clear online presence by maintaining an admirable level of sass, their unapologetic Twitter responses are on their way to leading the pack and is short of becoming a legend. What companies in July 2017 and beyond will challenge Wendy’s?


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