The Magic of Connectivity

Connectivity is what it’s all about. We are talking about “social” media.  Being social means making contact and networking and networking is what allows you to build relationships, learn things and make important contacts.  In my line of work networking is essential.  Whether it be online through seminars and meetings or in person at workshops, conventions and presentations; networking keeps you current and vital in your business community.

I recently took part in a seminar evening at our Ottawa branch location. The event topic was “Learn How to Integrate Digital Scanning into your practice”.  This topic, for those of you who may not be part of the Dental Industry, is one the most sought after areas of information for your dentists these days.  I chose to attend this seminar because of its importance for information and because it was a great opportunity to meet some of the practitioners interested in scanning as well as some of the experts in the field.

While there, participants had the opportunity for a meet and greet with the presenters and other attendees. I had the opportunity to speak with a number of doctors including Dr. Brunet and Dr. Lorraine Thacker as well as some of the presenters from 3M and PlanScan. Its always great meeting with the Doctors outside their offices as they are more relaxed and free from the stress of the workday.

Often times they will tell you what issues they deal with on an ongoing basis and what they are thinking of doing in their practices.  Of course, it’s great to just speak with them as people and not customers.  Social is what really can make the difference.  As Field representatives, it’s our role to help the Doctors improve their practice, what better way to do that than to know what it is they need help with and not what we assume they need help with.

Over the course of the evening and after a social libation or two. Conversations become full on discussions with the experts and the Doctors, often times you find yourself as the advocate for the Doctor, quizzing the presenter on what they want to know.  It really does turn out to be an educational evening.  For this particular evening I came away with a number of great ideas and plans.  From my discussions and from the lecture I learned that there are far more Doctors considering making the move to scanning so I need to be more present with my own specific clients and provide them with the answers to the questions they have so that they can feel more comfortable with the change in technology.  I need to ask more questions, network even more and show my clients that this is definitely a technology that can enhance their practice and allow them to focus on patient comfort!  We all need to be more comfortable when we visit the dentist.  Oddly enough though one my main takeaways and something that the presenters wanted the doctors to take away was the idea that “the magic takes place outside your comfort zone”.  In other words, we need to get outside our own personal boxes, habits and routines.  See what’s out there and what is happening that could change our world and make things better.  The magic is what all want to have.

There is no doubt that I will attend many more of this style of seminar, in person and, as part of my getting outside my comfort zone, I plan to become more active in online seminars and meetings as well as looking more for other topics and themes; not just those related specifically to the world I work in. Expanding my knowledge and friendship base can only enhance what I do and where I am going both personally and in my career.  It’s a different way of thinking for someone of my generation.  Using technology to make friends and meet with people is something we’ve had to get used to.  Heck, I’ve got a conference call this afternoon.  My boss hasn’t quite gotten to the idea of “go to meeting” or some of the many other apps out there!

Remember, the magic takes place outside your comfort zone!




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