COMM0014 – Blog #7 – Personal Reflection

Storytelling is important to creating great digital content because people connect to stories better than any other form of advertisement or promotion. A story allows the viewer to connect with the subject of the story and get to know that subject (character) on a human level. Because telling a story via a character vs a company is so much more effective, it allows the organization in question to sell or promote a lifestyle or story that ultimately promotes the product or service by association.

It is important to target your audience specifically not only based on who the group of individuals are but more importantly based on the relationship that is ideal between the organization and its audience. That relationship will define the tone and approach to the communication in addition to the style of writing. Targeting that audience and writing the story to match up with their expectations is key if you want to succeed at getting their attention and keeping it.

Knowing what your goal is and how your story will end is key to writing a successful communications piece. If you don’t know what your end goal is, how are you supposed to accurately develop the product or advertising piece.

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