COMM0014 – Blog 6 – What is your industry’s greatest flaw?

Going through college, my professors told me stories of their time spent in the film industry, for some of them, that story included how they ended up working at a college instead of on a movie set — others seemed to neglect that chapter. Through this experience and working with colleagues who spent years in the industry, I have learned of many flaws.

The biggest flaw that I have learned is that you are the luckiest person on earth if you are being paid right away when you start your career. I knew that wasn’t something I would be able to afford or wanted to do.

Next the industry is dominated by men, and few women ever working on the production side of the business, favouring to work in pre-production or post-production. This would make finding my way in the industry all that more difficult because I would have to prove myself more than anyone else on the crew because I am a woman. I am finding even working in government in this industry, I feel I have to always prove myself a little more than everyone else on the team.

Finally, while storytelling is the ultimate goal of filmmaking, once you start working in bigger productions the story isn’t always the focus. For me, storytelling is very important and I wouldn’t be able to work on something that I didn’t believe the story should be told.

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