COMM0015 Blog Comment #2, Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting. B2B Marketers Are Working Harder Than Necessary.

This is an example of a blog comment for the Blog Post by Jay Baer, May 17, 2017.



Hi Jay,

I couldn’t agree more with your post.  A great critique of something that affects every business with an element of sales as a major component of its existence.  I work in sales for a major dental supply distributor and see this everyday at our company and with my clients.  All to often, the drive to increase sales and capture new customers is the “only” reason for a marketing campaign.  Whether it be internally or externally, the focus is almost always on new, forgetting that your base of existing customers is what keeps you going and enables you to look for the new ones.  Your use of statistics and the 80/20 rule is incredibly accurate.  When I’m at sales meetings I hear all too often that ” we need growth, what are we doing to find new accounts?  By the way, be sure to circle back with your current accounts.  Get them online ordering.”  My clients, dentists, will often lament that they see 20-30 new patients a month but when I ask them what their retention levels are like, they frown and mumble.

Your comment about “Treadmill Marketing” perfectly describes what should be as plain as day to anyone running a business whether it be B2B or B2C.  Failure to maintain your existing customers is truly akin to running in place.  I’m definitely going to share this one with both my colleagues and my customers.

Keep posting nuggets like this one.  Perhaps with on point presentations like this blog more marketing and sales people can get the message.  “Sometimes ya gotta dance with one that brung ya!”


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