COM0015 Blog Comment #1 Tuesdays With Transitions, Is the Millennial Generation Lacking Service Aptitude?

Note: Tuesday’s with Transitions is a weekly blog published by TGNA group, a practice management marketing group in the Dental Industry.  They have an official blog on their site, however I prefer the Tuesdays posts as they are usually posts from guest writers.  My comment is for a recent post from Katie Mares, Leadership and Customer Experience Consultant.


Hi Katie!

What a timely post!  Your topic is something that is being experienced everyday in offices and businesses throughout the world.  It makes sense that dentists as team leaders and business owners be more aware of how to work with the next generation in positive and productive manner.  I follow the TGNA blog and the Tuesdays with Transitions posts regularly, your post really caught my attention, it was completely on point!  Leadership and team management is critical to the success of any dental practice. When the doctor, the team leader has a deep understanding of what their staff is expecting from them, the result is better working relationship and greater productivity.  Its not just the what of your business its very much the how, especially in what is likely a 6-7 person team environment.  I couldn’t agree more with your comment about filling your practice with forward thinking, motivated millennials.  In fact this can be applied to new hires of all generations.  A positive attitude will yield positive outcomes for everyone, including your patients wouldn’t you agree?

I truly enjoyed this post and will definitely share it with my clients.  It’s posts like this that keep me grabbing my coffee and sitting down to Tuesdays with Transitions every week.  Thanks for posting.  Hope to read more from you in the future.

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