S-17 Digital Communications: Blog #5 My personal brand? I don’t think like the rest of them.


My Twitter bio states that I like to figure out the system and use it to my advantage. While at first glance that may seem selfish, it’s one of the main ways I add value to everything I do. It’s because I don’t always take things at face value. I ask questions and I don’t take to bureaucratic or office-speak for an answer. I don’t think “linear”.

Why this sets me apart from others, and makes me valuable, is because I don’t always think like other people. In a world where process rules, I find ways to make it more efficient or circumvent it altogether. In a world where layers upon layers of approvals are required for the most mundane item, I skip as many levels as possible so as to ensure work continues to move forward.

I always look at the big picture, without losing sight of the important details. I think horizontally, not in silos. This doesn’t always resonate with people. Many can’t understand why I would even consider something that is not distinctly specified in my job description. The fact is, I can’t fathom why someone wouldn’t. It is here that my value is unparalleled. It is also here where my colleagues confirm that it can be the most frustrating thing about me that ends up always being on point.

This overall strategic sense is what I am most proud of and apply it to everything I do.




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