The Ferrari You Just Can’t Have


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Have a lot of money? I mean A LOT OF IT? And you want to buy a $2 million dollar car because you can afford it? How about no!


WHAT, you may say? Well that is precisely what Ferrari is doing to its clients. Only 200 LaFerrari Apertas are being built, and despite the $2.2 million price tag, Ferrari is having absolutely no problem selling all of them. But not everyone is allowed to buy it. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, if Ferrari thinks you are not worthy of a LaFerrari Aperta then you can’t have one. The only way you can get it would be if someone on the list ever decides to sell one. At least there is a chance! Of course, you’ll have to pay a pretty heavy price tag like the original LaFerrari, for example. One seller in Dubai sold his car only 3 months after the release date for $8 million, even though the original price tag was around $1.8 million.


So how about if you own a massive Ferrari collection? Wouldn’t that guarantee you to be on the list? Well it looks like Ferrari could be jealous of that and hate your face! This is what is happening to a known Ferrari collector who owns $50 million dollars worth of them. David Lee, a jewelry entrepreneur, just got rejected from the Ferrari waiting list for the insane LaFerrari Aperta. Even though he has good connections, posted pictures with celebrities like Jay Leno, and even started “Cars and Chronos,” a monthly event held at his local Ferrari dealer where he displays his cars.


So, what is the problem with David Lee? Here is a petrol head that is in love with his Ferraris and just wants to buy a new exclusive car. There are a lot of whispers that Ferrari doesn’t like ‘’show offs’’ – it’s a new policy for them… they never discriminated before. I remember when if you wanted to own the Ferrari Enzo you had to be recognized by the Ferrari family as a true passionate collector (i.e. have a lot of money) and have a collection devoted to only Ferrari. Now a collection is no longer what Ferrari wants. Lee said, “if people at Ferrari think that is self-promoting, I can’t help that.” Ferrari replied with:  “we do not like the publicity he creates. We hate all of the noise, and he loves all the noise.” For its part, Ferrari told the LA Times that Lee “was a valued client”. Ha…Ha…Ha… funny joke there Ferrari, I would hate to see how you treat a non-valued client.


More info about M. Lee’s collection;



Just when you thought you had it all, introducing “The Ferrari You Just Can’t Have”. #Ferrari #LaFerrariAperta



Imagine having a $50 million dollar Ferrari collection and being denied the latest: the LaFerrari Aperta. Well, this actually happened to David Lee. Read more in “The Ferrari You Just Can’t Have”.

2 thoughts on “The Ferrari You Just Can’t Have

  1. Alex, you’ve written about an interesting marketing ploy…exclusivity and prestige. (I myself am looking for a small used truck, 4×4, that fits my budget and has Bluetooth — equally hard to find!) A friend and I recently discussed this phenomenon and some current trends. Some millennials are not so impressed with the pricey, “one of a kind” experiences, but rather a more organic approach to exclusivity. My son’s friend has retro-fitted a school bus that he is using as an off-grid mini home while he goes to university. Last year, his accommodation fees were about $500 total, plus some free labour for the farmer who allows him to park his bus and mooch electricity and water. He is well-respected by his friends for his frugality…and his creative living arrangements! Thanks for writing about Ferrari’s policies.

  2. Entertaining blog Alex. It looks like to me, Ferrari is marketing to the well-off who have never owned one of their cars before by denying current Ferrari owners from purchasing their latest model. Why? Too expand the number of Ferrari owners world wide who will actually drive the car instead of hiding it in a garage with a few other Ferrari models. It kind of makes sense, more Ferrari owners and more visibility makes Ferrari’s books look better.

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