COM0014: Brand Anne

I’m not a person who likes to put myself forward. I was raised to believe that “the left hand should not know what the right hand is doing.” In other words, the good action is its own reward. That said:

My unique work contributions

In this era where facts and data get bigger and stronger every day, I’ve learned that storytelling is the heart that drives the data brain. Since 2000, I’ve honed a collaborative process for writing stories about people doing innovative work in communities. I’m happiest when my stories act as inspiration for others involved in similar efforts.

Since 2015, I’ve worked with colleagues to create and expand a really cool social sector website, the Canada Social Report. Though its future is in doubt (our organization is undergoing a transformation), it has offered lots of opportunities to be creative and build partnerships. On the lighter side, I love baking and staff get-togethers; my baklawa is hard to beat.

My best attributes

I’m a person who has my feet on the ground and a smile on my face. I cherish honesty, integrity and compassion. I have learned the hard lessons of taking responsibility for every aspect of my life. I think I am most proud of my ability to see a mistake, problem or roadblock as an opportunity to problem solve and keep moving toward a goal. I don’t get stuck worrying about the spilled milk on the floor; I clean it up and figure out a better way to keep the liquid in the container.

giphy spilled milk

Where I’m going

Phyllis Diller said that she wanted most to be remembered for her kindness. Me too.

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