Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months, you probably heard Canada is turning 150 this July 1st!

The Buzz

The Government of Canada (GoC) has been using #Canada150 as part of their social media marketing campaign. The GoC has created four logos that anyone can use, as long as they obtain permission. This year is a pretty big deal for Canada. They have provided free access to all of Canada’s National Parks and even built infrastructure like the Ottawa sign in the Byward Market. #Canada150 has opened up many opportunities for businesses across Canada to use the hashtag as their own marketing campaign. It allows businesses to collaborate and be part of the celebration.

Keep it Authentic

Businesses have been making themed products and running contests as part of their campaign. I think this a great opportunity to drive traffic and sales to any business, as long as their authentic. If you were a company that sold jeans, you probably wouldn’t put ‘Canada’ all over your product. But, if you are a company like Roots, you would definitely use Canada’s Birthday as part of your marketing campaign.

What kind of  #Canada150 are you?

How long is your business up and running? As you as old as  The Hudson’s Bay Company? Or are you a fairly new company? It is important to keep the same look and feel of your company if you are creating product or merchandise for Canada 150. A new company could use a more modern current approach, whereas an older company could use collectables or First Nations artwork. The Hudson’s Bay Company created a 58 piece collection of souvenirs that are Canada 150 themed. They are also raising funds for the Great Trail Project which connects 24,000 km of trails across the country! How will your company represent Canada’s 150th birthday? Will it be consistent with your brand?

What are others doing?

Tim Hortons has named themselves the Official Coffee of Ottawa 2017. Their coffee will be served to all of the volunteers and even provide financial support to Ottawa. It’s a win-win situation.


(image: http://www.smartcanuks.com)

Roots introduced their ‘Be Nice’ collection which is all Canada 150 inspired. It’s meant to celebrate 150 years of Canadians being nice.

(video: http://www.youtube.com)

Air Canada has launched a Canada 150 contest titled ‘See Canada’.  To enter the contest you have to post your best shots of Canada and use the #Canada150 and tag @aircanada. You can win 2 tickets to any Canadian destination and have your work showcased in their enRoute magazine.


(image: http://www.aircanada.com)

Any business has a chance to be part of this major celebration. It’s a great opportunity to engage with customers and connect using emotional marketing. Be creative! Canada is excited!

Twitter How will your business be part of #Canada150? http://bit.ly/2rPux5D

facebook What are you doing to be part #Canada150? What are others doing? Read to find out how you can get your business involved. http://bit.ly/2rPux5D









4 thoughts on “#Canada150

  1. Great post!
    It has been interesting to follow the different campaigns that different companies and organizations are doing to celebrate Canada150. I think it is great that #Canada150 seems to be bringing Canadians together to show pride in our country!
    I will be celebrating Canada Day with my family in our hometown, we do that every Canada Day and extended family joins us as well, it’s a favourite tradition of mine! We also proudly have our Canada flag flying in our front yard and planted some of the Canada150 tulips. I went to the greenhouse just this week to buy more red and white annual flowers to plant in our garden and by our farm sign to celebrate the wonderful country we live in.
    I hadn’t heard about the Roots “be nice” campaign – but love the idea! Great research and links!


  2. Hi @katielynnehunter! Thanks for your comment! There has been so many companies doing Canada150 campaigns and I agree it is very interesting to see how they are doing them. I hope you enjoy your Canada Day!!


  3. Hi Kim. I read this blog with great interest. It was actually a topic I was considering doing for my last blog post but ended up doing one on electronic cigarettes instead. I am glad someone decided to post about Canada 150, because I haven’t done all that much research into it. You would figure being in the capital of Canada I would know more about it but I haven’t come across many of the campaigns until now. I am sure I will be looking into it more in the days leading up to Canada Day.

  4. This is a great topic!

    Personally, I really enjoy the marketing of the Canada 150 campaign. From what I have seen it really opens up a door to explore the country that people often forget to make time for. Activities such as the Via Rail 150 pass or ON Tour allow individuals to do things for a low cost or even free. Via Rail presented (limited) passes for sale that allow purchasers to ride as many times as they can during the month of July, great for traveling College or University students! Plus, the Government of Ontario created ‘ON Tour’ a FREE concert series hitting up each major city in Ontario. Both great ideas to get out during Summer 2017!

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