When It’s Wrong to Be Right

I’m not really sure how they are designated, but everyday seems to be a “national day of something”. There’s even a website that will tell you what you should be celebrating each day. It always seemed a bit silly to me, but it seems to be frequently used in social media particularly to support a particular cause.


June 15 my social media started featuring the hashtag #NationalLobsterDay. For someone who works in the fishing industry, it’s always nice to see some recognition. Since I follow many seafood folks, it was a fun to see how it seemed to take off and to play along with the fun.



Friday morning I woke up to discover that not everyone enjoyed the day. It seems that National Lobster Day was is actually in September and Maine Lobster was not happy about all this celebrating in June:


And while there seems to be legitimacy to their claim:

This could have been a double opportunity to promote lobster as a seafood choice and gently, with humour point to the new date:


“Lobster: too good to have just one day; join us September 25 for more”


They seemed instead more like the angry villian in a Scooby Doo cartoon who was foiled by those blasted kids than a promotion agency for lobster. There’s a lesson in how to respond (or not) to what could be a good news story. Sometimes it’s better to go with the flow and take advantage of opportunities instead of clinging to the “rightness” of your claim.



Twitter: When It’s Wrong to Be Right: http://bit.ly/2rFO9ht

Facebook: When It’s Wrong to Be Right: learning to go with the flow on social media. http://bit.ly/2rFO9ht

2 thoughts on “When It’s Wrong to Be Right

  1. That is too funny. As a lover of lobster who has enjoyed dinning on the catch of the day on the east coast near the end of June, I can’t help but wonder why lobster day was moved to September when lobster season is in June. I guess it’s a marketing scheme to get consumers to buy up the frozen stocks before next season comes around. Oh, and I never knew there is a national lobster day until I read your blog. Thanks for this, I can’t stop laughing.

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    Funny blog, I like that guy’s reaction. But I really wonder why would they change a national day? To me it seems improbable, people get so used to it and for some it becomes a tradition.



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