Quitting smoking in the 21st century.

I became a smoker over 20 years ago.  Back then a pack of cigarettes was $4.75 per pack for name brand cigarettes.  I believe the statute of limitations has run out on this but I used to pick up packs of cigarettes for under age kids in exchange for keeping the quarter change and 2 cigarettes.  I definitely wouldn’t do that now though.  It was a different time back then.  Back then you could still smoke in any bar or restaurant.

I know I should quit because of all the warnings and health information available.  Even my own Dad had lung cancer a few years ago but luckily survived.  Not to mention it is expensive.  I pay about $11.00 per pack even for budget cigarettes.  I am sure it would help my financial situation if I were going to quit.  I have tried many different methods over the years such as the patch, gum, and prescription medication however found mixed results.  None of it satisfied my cravings so eventually found myself picking up another pack of cigarettes after a few days.

During the last few years I came across the electronic cigarette.  I did some research on them and found that there was many cases of people successfully quitting using them. Basically an electronic cigarette is a battery, a tank which holds a mixture of propelyne glycol which is a food additive, nicotine and flavors and a heating element that activates once a button is pushed.  It gives almost the same sensation a smoking once the vapor is inhaled.


Source:  The Detroit News

There are many different styles of electronic cigarette.  Basic disposable ones that can run as cheap as $10.00 to ones that can be modified to produce lots of vapor when using it that run a few hundred dollars.  I tried a few basic and cheap styles initially but found it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.  Finally wanting to try quitting again I decided to purchase a kit of one of the mid range styles for around $100.00.  I figured if it could help me quit smoking the equivalent cost of around a carton of cigarettes would be worth it. Surprisingly, it was exactly what I was looking for and did manage to quit smoking for a while.  Every week I would post on social media that I had quit smoking and was pleased with the positive response I had gotten.  Unfortunately after a about 6 months I had the curiosity to see if I could smoke a cigarette again and it wouldn’t affect me.  Unfortunately I started having one or two here and there which over time ended up with me buying packs of cigarettes again.  I will be shopping again soon for another electronic cigarette kit because I made it at least 6 months without smoking the last time.

Have you ever tried to quit smoking?  Have electronic cigarettes helped you quit or cut down?

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2 thoughts on “Quitting smoking in the 21st century.

  1. I really enjoyed this blog piece!

    Although I have never smoked myself, I currently know multiple people who are trying to quit. From what I know smoking is a very hard habit to break and in this day in age, people often substitute quitting with another form of smoking. As you mentioned electronic cigarettes or vaping seem to be popular options, however, I think they are still too new for us to know the side effects!

  2. Great work on quitting for 6 months! I know a few people that smoke and they always talk about wanting to quit. It is definitely one of the harder things to do. I’m glad to hear that the electronic cigarettes have been helping you. I will definitely mention it to my friends as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

    Thanks for sharing!

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