Use Your Imagination

Turn your TV off. Now go pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read for the last 10 months.

A year ago I bought a book by Bernard Cornwell called THE LAST KINGDOM. I had read some other books of his in the past, but never looked more into his work. So, I bought the book, read a few chapters, and put it down where it collected dust for the next year. It’s not that it wasn’t a good book, I just felt too busy and would prefer to shut my brain off and stare at a TV in my spare time rather than read a book.

the last kingdom

Photo Credits: The Works

Two months ago I saw the book laying on my desk and decided to give it another go. Since then I have read the first 5 books in the 9 book series. Here’s the catch, there is a remake of the series on Netflix. But what I’ve learned is that books are almost always better than the movies/TV shows.

After reading the first few books I actually tried to watch the TV show on Netflix. I struggled to get through the first episode then quit entirely 5 minutes into the second one. The TV show misses big events in the books, it changes character’s names, and the actors look nothing like the descriptions in the books. This is when I realized that my imagination is what makes me love the books.


Photo Credits: IMDb

Books keep our imagination alive as we grow up. We go from playing with action figures or dolls, to sitting down and reading a good book. Both of these activities allow you to use your brain and picture things for yourself. It’s a nice change from having a screen do everything for you. If you don’t believe me then turn your TV off, go pick up a book and try it for yourself.


Photo Credits: International Business Times AU

Do you think books or movies/TV shows are better? Or maybe you think each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Either way let me know what you think about the topic.

Thanks for reading!


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3 thoughts on “Use Your Imagination

  1. The purist in me would instinctively say, “the book!” But, the realist in me would say, “it depends.”

    I have found some cinematic or screen adaptations of literature to be better than the writing itself, and often the other way around, and sometimes, both are great (or terrible).

    But the truth is, I have an appreciation for both mediums and tend to use them for different things. It is a rare day that I read fiction. I actually haven’t read a fictional book in over a decade. When I read, I read about politics, economics, history and society.

    When I watch something, I watch for entertainment. I want to laugh, be scared, be fully engrossed in a multi-sense experience of a story. I love it. And it’s not that I don’t like reading fiction, it was one of the most important things to me when I was younger, but it’s just that I rarely find I have the time or energy. I read endlessly, but I read for work, and pleasure, and interest, that by the time it’s my time for leisure or entertainment, I need to go braindead slightly, and so, visual/audio entertainment is my preferred format.

    So, like I said, “it depends.”

  2. I love your writing style!

    Although I am not much of a reader, the title of your blog post drew me in and your expression kept me interested.

    I must admit I have only read the full series of one franchise, Twilight. Not my best moment to admit, but I will have to agree the books were 10000 times better than the movies. I watched the first movie and have not seen any of the other four.

    All the best with your future!

  3. Hi Nathan. Most of the books I have read in the last 10 years or so have been non-fiction business books. Still I do have a few fiction books I have been meaning to pick up when I have time. Most of the ones I have been thinking of getting have already been adapted into a movie or TV show such as The Life of Pi which I have already watched but wouldn’t mind giving the book a chance to see if it is a close adaptation or not.

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