COM0015 Blog#2 Strong and Weak Organizations

Social media strategies and campaigns are as diverse as the number of companies and individuals who are participating on the web.  Its inevitable that some will be great and others are doomed to failure or just swallowed up by the noise of all the other campaigns and strategies out there.  Everyday, companies strive to find ways to be seen and heard on the web.   Some companies get it right and when they do they create success for their company, brand, product or service.  These successful companies move ahead because above all else they have a strategy and they execute it!  One such company/strategy that I particularly like is KLM airlines with their “listening campaign”.  I came across this campaign in an article by Albane, dated December 22, 2015.  The article’s title is 5 Great Social Media Campaigns to Inspire Your 2016 Marketing Strategy, its on the site.  .  The article discusses 5 campaigns but I was particularly interested in KLM #Happytohelp in that they utilized one of the most important tools for success in Social media; they listened.  They listened to their customers complaints and comments as well as those of their competition.  They listened for a half a year and then they answered over a 5 day period in unique outside the box responses.  It was a huge success as you’ll see by the twitter metrics!

A second company that has it moving in the right direction is Sharpie.  From the article 7 Creative Social Media Marketing Mini Case Studies on  We all know and have used Sharpie, if not for autographs then to identify our socks or our childrens socks for camp…  Sharpie, the company used creativity and inclusion to create its successful campaign.  They utilized creative imagery combined with imagination in their blog and other channels.  They made the blog about sharpie but also included stories about their users to increase loyalty .  This also served to increase shares and hits.  Featuring your customer as an integral part of your campaign makes a powerful impact on the overall strategy to keep the brand in the forefront and users buying the product. Check out the article and others at   .

What drew be to both was the targeted and effective use of essential elements for successful social media strategies and how they utilized those elements in creative, outside the box campaigns and approaches.  Both companies weren’t passive and they created momentum!

In as much as there are companies with strong strategies and campaigns its inevitable that there will be those who aren’t so successful or perhaps are still working on it!  In this case I’m referencing my own company Henry Schein. There is no doubt that there is a strategy in place for Social Media as part of the overall marketing plan but at present it is still working its way from the top down.  The more global perspective described by Caroline Kretsch in her interview for Falcon.IO; Engaging B2B Communities on Social Media With Henry Schein;  has not yet made it to the National and local levels which can be witnessed when you look at the branch level Facebook or Twitter posts.  In this case it’s perhaps not so much the lack of a strategy as it might be the lack of a structure or team to put in place and implement the strategy by applying content and creating creative and effective campaigns.  We could benefit greatly by putting in place a team or group that would bring life to what is likely a great start to working with Social media marketing in a larger corporation.  I look forward to seeing where it would go.

Wondering what your thoughts are on the successful strategies vs. what is or isn’t happening within the example of a less successful strategy?


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